“It was a pleasure to participate in coaching. My coaching experience with Justin was focused on self-discovery. During these meetings I identified my strong points and learned to approach situations positively and trust myself more. Justin is a very professional coach, who knows how to motivate his clients with productive exercises and attitude.”

These testimonials were generously provided by former clients of mine. First names and/or initials
used with their permission.

"Justin is a coach who really helped me discovering myself. This man knows how to give me right questions helping to change my overall mindset. Thanks Justin!!!"

Peto H. - client through April 2018

"Thanx [sic] Justin, you are doing a great job! One of the most important things for me during this period was your professional ability of showing empathy and making one feel understood. You also help to find answers and solutions to the complicated issues and visualize the future."

Nuard M. - Client through April 2018

"I met Justin, in person, after a particularly rough week at work, just around the holiday season.  I was very frustrated because of the circumstances at my job and the foreign setting in which I found myself.  Justin’s calm demeanor, keen ear for the root of my problems, and experience in the development field allowed him to guide me back to a more positive attitude.  He was very attentive in phone follow ups and I’ve been able to calmly and positively continue my work overseas.  I hope I won’t need a future consultation, but if I do, I’ll certainly give Justin a call.  I’ve also recommended him to colleagues of mine facing similar struggles."

G.R. - client through January 2016

"I struggled with the challenges of living and working abroad and I was not sure how to cope with them. Thankfully, Justin helped me navigate my feelings and thoughts. He listened to what I had to say and responded in a thoughtful way that empowered me to take control of my situation. I always felt that Justin listened to me and respected what I had to say. He creates a safe-zone for the people he works with to express exactly how they are feeling no matter what the topic is. At the end of my time with Justin I felt at peace with the decisions I had made and ready to move forward."

Hannah - client through November 2015

"During our time together, Justin was highly professional and very welcoming. From our very first meeting, he made me feel comfortable and open and he provided me with the support I needed. Justin was very helpful in facilitating honest and direct communication with myself that enabled me to get to the root of my issues. He also gifted me with unique tips and tricks that I still practice to this day. Living abroad always has its struggles, but with Justin's aid, the struggles were minimized and my confidence restored."

Daniel G. - client through May 2015

"Living overseas is challenging and proper mental health support has been instrumental in my journey, positively affecting both my personal and professional life.  I have faced many obstacles dealing with integration, cultural norms and readjustment while starting a new life and establishing my identity in a foreign country. I began to develop and struggle with depression and high anxiety, and when these issues reached a pinnacle, I decided it was time to get help. I was introduced to Justin and had the opportunity to receive his support and guidance over the last 6 months. Justin's calm demeanor, positive energy, and honest disposition provided me with a safe environment to feel comfortable expressing and articulating my struggles. He guided me through my problems, offering me vital advice and challenging me to look at the issues from a different perspective. This allowed me to recognize and deal with the root causes of my symptoms and understand and overcome many roadblocks I was experiencing. I would highly recommend Justin's services to anyone experiencing life challenges. His knowledge, care and attentiveness far exceeds the rest."

Amanda W. - client through May 2016