I coach individuals, couples, families, and groups to live happier lives by overcoming roadblocks at home and at work. Common issues I have helped my clients through:

Adjusting to a Life Changes

Do you have a new job? Did you lose someone or something significant in your life? Sometimes our life seems to be off balance based on the transitions we have had to make. Learn to make the most of those large life adjustments and to be more resilient in your home and work lives.

Living Far From Home

Moving to a new country can be a much larger change that it seems. All of a sudden you are dealing with everything in your day to day life in a new way, and without the family and friends that provided you with a source of comfort. This can have invisible effects on how you operate on a daily basis with yourself and with other people. Take the time to focus more on your mental well-being so that you can flourish in the new world that you live in.

Finding Purpose

Are you looking for that reason you were put on this planet? Answering the eternal "what do I want to do with my life" question? I am here to help you focus on what you want to do, getting into your values and your desires and helping you to take steps toward your goals immediately.

Starting a New Business

Looking to start a new venture? I have worked in entrepreneurial settings since the early 2000s and understand the stressors in starting something new.  I am more than willing to support you through this process.

Managing Occupational Stress and Work-Life Balance

Sometimes the pressure we are under on the job seems unmanageable. Sometimes our work spills into our personal life. Whether you are experiencing conflict with colleagues, an unrealistic workload, or increased stress on your partner or family members due to your difficulty in leaving your work behind, we are here to provide you perspective and work you through techniques to restore a healthy work-life balance.

Creating meaning as a "Trailing Spouse" or partner

Did you travel to a new country to pursue your partner's dreams? Me too. An unfortunate label has been placed on us as "trailing spouses" or partners. We have our own dreams and desires as well, and we need to give ourselves the power to realize them. We have. If you need help in finding a meaningful way to apply your skills and abilities in a foreign environment, we can help you make the most out of your temporary or long-term experience abroad - by first helping you to focus on your self-worth and to restore your positive thinking. 

Navigating Relationships

Moving abroad with your partner can result in a cornucopia of stressors you didn't previously envision. Similarly, beginning and maintaining a romantic relationship with someone - maybe from another culture - may cause you to question you and your partner's values and motivations. We can work with you individually or together with your partner to recognize those stressors and to create an action plan to minimize their impact. The end goal is to restore open, meaningful communication with your partner and to realize the sort of supportive, loving relationship you desire.