My focus is on stimulating growth and positive change. My priority is an environment of trust and safety for clients:


I start by developing a strong working relationship with my individual clients. Through that relationship you will find the space you need to explore the blocks that have been holding you back in life. My goal is to be a willing, non-judgmental partner in your journey towards better understand yourself and the positive qualities that make you "you".

Couples and Families

I work with families to realize their true potential. Each individual in your family has his or her own hopes, dreams, and desires. My goal is to help your family help each other to make those desires become realities: to communicate better, to support each other more in times of need, and to share in your collective triumphs.


I would love to share my clinical knowledge with your organization. From group trainings to individualized services, I can help your organization service your clients more effectively and work together more efficiently individually and as a team.


I bring together groups of individuals who want to better themselves and others in a collaborative setting. I will help you share your story and teach you how to effectively learn from the experiences of others. I can also organize groups on an as-needed basis. Contact me if you are interested in having me host or visit a group.